Wasp comb jewelry – easy, beautiful and cheap! One or more can be pinned to a blazer, strung like beads or mounted on the wall!

You will need:

  • •Abandoned wasp combs (clean and round ones work the best)
  • •A variety of fruit jelly-NOT JAM, NOT PRESERVE-in colors you like


  • •A baker’s syringe (used for decorating cakes)

Step 1 – Groom the wasp comb, remove all the debris from inside the comb so that the individual chambers are clean and empty.

Step 2 – Scoop several spoonful’s of jelly into the syringe. Place the tip into an individual chamber of the wasp comb and press gently on the back of the syringe until the chamber is full. Repeat the process of filling different chambers. Make a regular pattern (for example) every other chamber, or do a more irregular arrangement. Just be sure to leave enough open chambers for your other colors. Continue this process with different jellies till every chamber in the comb is full.

Step 3 – Allow the comb to dry over a week. Once the comb is dry and stiff, use a straight pin or a small nail to pierce through the back of the comb, from one side to the other. Several of these can be strung together to make a necklace, or it can be tied to a safety pin to make a boutonniere. The also can be mounted to a wall if hung from small finish nails.