Cobrastyle with Snaggletooth. Robyn is Deemed an Honorary Tea Party Artist.

Tea Party Artists Appreciate Robyn's Snaggletooth

Robyn’s voice is clear as mountainspring water and her songs are bold and cutting like a cobra. Not only that, but she’s got a distinguished snaggletooth that makes us Tea Party Artists like her all the more.

As you may or may not already know, the Tea Party Artists have claimed Robyn as an honorary member of the TPA. We love the bold energy of her music and overall style. We also have very particular preferences with regard to American teeth and orthodontic care. TPA’s believe people are bleaching and straightening their teeth beyond what looks good. The perfect smile bores us. That is yet another reason why we appreciate Robyn so much: because she has the most perfect set of distinguished gnashers, with a gorgeous snaggletooth. Yes, she’s Swedish of course. But American’s should take note. Look for yourself see if you can resist her beautifully imperfect ivories.