juice carton wallet
Saving change is a juicy way to be thrifty, but don’t just toss it anywhere!

You will need:

  • An empty, well-rinsed cardboard orange juice carton with a round plastic spout and cap (not the carton where you have to tear open the spout, that kind won’t work)


  • Pair of scissors,  Xacto or utility knife.

Step 1 – cut the bottom off your carton.

Step 2 – The side with the cap will be the front of your wallet.  Turn the box till the side with the cap is facing down. On the side that is now facing you, slice the two corners from the bottom of the container to the top corners (where angled top of the box begins.)

Step 3 – Next you will need to remove the three other sides (the side of the box that you have cut into a free moving flap will be the only side you keep attached.) Cut along the top folded edge that defines the top of the box from the sides. In the end you should have only one free hanging side attached to the top of the carton.

Step 4 – Turn the carton so that the spout side is facing up, remove the cap and flatten the topas much as you can. Fold the flap so that it covers the spout and press hard enough to make an impression of the round plastic spout on the underside of the flap.

Step 5 –  Use the blade or scissors to cut out the embossed circle.  You should now be able to fit the hole over the spout and screw the cap back on.

Step 6 – Flip the purse over onto the cap and cut the excess off the flap. Round out the corners for a little extra style. Enjoy your new coin purse!