very effective mouse trap
While the tea party artists think the gopher strokers are overly fanatical when it comes to germs, there is no reason to let mice have the run of your house.

You will need:

  • •A large plastic bucket (5 gallon paint bucket works perfectly)
  • •A small rounded rod at least an inch longer than the diameter of the bucket (a straightened wire hanger, wooden dowel, or even a piece of rope strong enough to be stretched till it’s taught)
  • •An aluminum can or  cardboard toilet paper roll
  • •A log board of some kind that will function as a ramp for the mice to use to reach the top of the bucket
  • •Peanut butter
  • •2 gallons of water


  • •Power drill with bit slightly bigger in diameter than the rod you will be using.
  • •Tape measure

Step 1 – Drill a hole just below the lip of the bucket. Measure the distance from the lip of the bucket to the center of the whole you’ve drilled, then make a hole in the exact same place on the opposite side of the bucket.

Step 2 – Coat the aluminum can or cardboard toilet paper roll in peanut butter. Once it is completely coated, thread the rod through the roll as you would a bead.

Step 3 – Slide the rod into the hole (if you are using a piece of string or rope, put one end into the hole and tie a strong knot.) Next, slide the other end of the rod into the other hole (or tie the other end of the rope.)

Step 4 – Fill the bucket with water and place the board so that one end is on the floor and the other is on the rim of the bucket. Leave this set-up in place overnight. When the mice try to eat the peanut butter they will slip into the water.