Attractive placemat The plastic grocery bags you get from the store are probably some of the most useful things you have in your home!

You will need:

    •Six plastic bags per placement
    •2 sheets of thin craft paper


    •An iron

Step 1 – Cut the bottom and top (seam and handles) off all 6 of your bags. When you’re finished they should be plastic tubes that flatten in rectangles.

Step 2 – Put a piece of craft paper larger than the bags onto a surface you can iron on. Layer all 6 bags on top of each other, smoothing out all of the wrinkles and air bubbles. Then put the second piece of craft paper on the top of the stack.

Step 3 – Run an iron set on medium heat (or slightly higher) over the craft paper that you’ve placed on top of the bags. Do this for about five minutes, paying special attention to the edges of the bags.

Step 4 – Once the bags seem like they are sticking together, flip the stack over and iron the other side. Repeat until the 6 bags are melted into one thick piece of plastic.

Step 5 – Cut into any shape you’d like for your placemats.